Why Design?

👉 Writing Tip #3: Keep it simple

Key points in this video

It's not about the tools. You need a plan to make those tools work.

Good design entails...

  • Gathering requirements — Define what targets the result needs to fulfill.
  • Coming up with solutions — Pick tools and approaches that can help meet the requirements.
  • Assessing the options — Compare the costs and benefits of each approach.
  • Adapting as needed — Be ready to change as needs do.

Design doesn’t have to be complicated.

  • Prioritise quality of the process, not length.
  • Ensure there are good feedback loops.
  • Keep it simple; most things can be changed later.
  • There’s no one answer!

In this module, we'll come up with a documentation workflow for our case study, Venus, and a few others.

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